April 2015 - Partner Technology Interchange Event at Grant Thornton's offices in Euston, London NW1

Bramble Hub's first Partner Technology Interchange, hosted by Grant Thornton's Business Growth Service, attracted 36 partners who heard about some innovative software platforms and applications and had the opportunity to quiz the presenters with technical questions about their software and its potential application for inclusion in their own offerings.

Event Feedback:

"It was well-organised and well-attended, with very interesting presentations."

"I liked the interactive approach of the presentations' the format felt good."

"It was certainly an enjoyable, useful, well-organised event."

Presentations Included: 

  • GOSS Interactive demonstrated the GOSS Self-Service Platform, with integration tools to enable customers to accelerate their clients' Channel Shift programmes and deliver self-service.

  • Objective demonstrated Objective Connect, an ease to use File Share and Synchronisation (FSS) solution developed specifically for Government organisations who need to share files but find commercial alternatives unsecure and blocked or difficult to use or costly

  • Icon demonstrated their Digital Signature Verification software, showing how signing your signature by hand on touch-sensitive devices can be better than retina scans where it involves documentation, contracts or convenient consumer/citizen identification.

  • Livestax demonstrated a new secure corporate apps portal, designed to help the Public Sector use new web technologies to extend the capability, life and value of the existing IT infrastructure.

  • Oracle reviewed their technological solutions.

  • Grant Thornton introduced the Business Growth Service, a government-backed service offering support to businesses with the potential to improve and grow.